Michael B. Hardt
Diplom Designer Professor for Visual Communication  
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    Trend and sustainability    
  We are living in an exciting time. New media technologies change our daily life, the economy transfers from material mass consumption to immaterial mass use. But at the same time we run out of important resources and urgently need new visions and ideas to organise the global society.

Visual communication design could make very valuable contributions, provided that we understand that we can create much more than good looking products.

What is happening in the society, what are the effects on our profession and what do we have to do to play an active role to steer the ongoing changes?

We have to understand that a trend is not a fashion.
We have to understand communication as a process, not a product.

Sustainable design is not another word for eco-friendly design, it means avoiding production and products.

The right use of the new technologies can help to reduce waste of resources.

Full manuscript of a lecture held in Bergen/Norway in August and Rovaniemi/Finland in September 2004, short version published on icograda.org / features.

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